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Designer Purifiers for your Designer Kitchen
Electrolux Vogue
Wall mounted RO Water Purifier
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Price starts from INR 14,500/-
Electrolux Sterling
Under the counter RO Water Purifier
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Price starts from INR 16,500/-
Electrolux Meat & Vegetable Cleaner
Remove Chemicals, Pesticides, etc.
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Price starts from INR 6,500/-

For the connoisseurs of fine living
Your taste for finer things in life oozes from the way you handpick the articles around you. They make a statement about the virtuoso of style that you are. So will Electrolux Purifiers.

An assortment of stylish and modern RO Water Purifiers and Meat & Vegetable Purifier, you will find Electrolux Purifiers as the perfect sum-up of your view to beauty and panache. Bring them over and see how seamlessly they blend-in with your kitchen's decor.
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